Starting Out

Well, here we are. Aaron and I have been talking about this moment ever since the first year of our relationship. Getting started was much like everything else I do, well thought out, with every scenario run through my head, along with every possible problem and subsequent solution. A big question we were posed from others in the early discussions was “What if you fail?”. Here are some of the answers that I came up with:

  • We won’t. I will not allow it. It is just simply not possible.
  • We are still young enough that even if we fail catastrophically, we still have enough time to try something else.
  • So what if we fail? At least we tried.
  • We don’t have kids, if necessary, Aaron and I can survive on 2-minute noodles and oats with water.

In all honesty, I have never put too much thought into complete failure because it doesn’t seem like a probable outcome. Aaron is a great builder, who loves building. He became a builder because he loved it. Can someone who loves their job fail? The answer to that question, in my opinion, is another question. What do we define as failure. Me not being able to make a tutu for a costume party comes pretty close, but Aaron making it for me is a success. The tutu still got made, I just couldn’t do it alone. So that is what we are doing here. Aarons skill as a builder and my skills for business are why we are not going to fail. We might not reach other’s definitions of success, but I know we will reach ours.

I incorporated the company in April, we had our first client in early May, and work started in June. So here we are, three weeks in and I am pleased to say that things have not fallen apart yet. In fact, they are just getting better and better as time goes by. One of the reasons I wanted to have a blog on this website was to allow others to get to know us. Inviting a tradesman into your home can be quite daunting, your home is your safe place after all. You don’t know who they are, what they are like and you are giving them a key to your home. We want to break down that barrier and have you as the (both past and future) clients know us and our small family of two dogs.

With that in mind, here are the introductions.

We have Frankie the Whippet, she is the newest addition to the family at just 7 months old. She is quite the sensitive soul which means I have to be careful on how I train her. I have many times found her outside facing the house in the corner after I have told her off. Frankie is also very affectionate and will give you kisses and cuddles until the cows come home.
This is almost the opposite to our old soul, Scarlett the Papillon. Scar is 11 years old, and as of last week had most of her teeth removed due to her lifetime vow to never chew her food. Everyone has always said Scar is a few sandwiches short of a picnic, and now that her tongue hangs out of the side of her mouth, it’s hard to deny. Scar also isn’t a cuddler, she is very much a ‘pat me with your eyes’ kind of dog. She keeps her distance from everyone except Aaron, whom she loves almost as much as food. 

Next up the totem pole is the man himself, Aaron. He started off at Weltec studying Software Engineering and working part time as a laborer. However, as he made it through his first year he began to realize that the idea of spending the rest of his life inside, chained to a desk, was simply not for him. He then enrolled at G&H training and completed all of his paperwork for his apprenticeship. He went on to work for three different companies during his apprenticeship and ended with De Boer Building Services as a qualified builder. It was at De Boers where he found a mentor who helped shape his professionalism in the trade. Wim was always willing to answer the many questions Aaron threw at him from pricing, managing sub-contractors, and the ever growing demands from councils. Although I might be biased, Aaron shines as a builder because he doesn’t have a bad bone in his body. He is far too nice for his own good and absolutely loves his job. He genuinely wants the best work possible for everyone and holds himself to a high standard to ensure this happens.

Lastly, there is me, Anastasia. I, in a similar fashion to Aaron, started off studying a topic that wasn’t for me. I then moved into Retail management to give myself some time to figure out what I wanted to do next and gaia little life experience whilst I was at it. In strange roundabouts way, that led me to Accounting, which led me to business. In my current role as an accountant, I have learned of my love for all things business and how passionate I am about growing and developing them. Since I myself do not have any marketable skills, I am so exceptionally excited to be going into business with my partner.

Well, that is about it for now. I hope I haven’t bored you to death, and maybe, you might come back for some more of my ramblings.




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